All About Ciga An Introduction

Eco-Home Network is always on the lookout for organizations and initiatives that are committed to promoting sustainability and environmental protection. One such organization that we would like to highlight is the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA).

CIGA is a non-profit organization that was established in 1995 to provide independent insurance-backed guarantees for Cavity wall insulation. The agency was created in response to concerns about the quality of Cavity wall insulation installations and the potential risks associated with substandard work.

Cavity wall insulation is a process that involves filling the empty space between the inner and outer walls of a building with insulating material. This improves the thermal efficiency of the building, reduces energy consumption and lowers carbon emissions. However, if the installation is not done correctly, it can lead to problems such as dampness, mold, and structural damage.

CIGA's role is to ensure that Cavity wall insulation installations are carried out to a high standard and that homeowners are protected if anything goes wrong. The agency only works with approved installers who have undergone rigorous training and assessment. It also provides a 25-year guarantee for the workmanship and materials used in the installation.

In addition to providing guarantees, CIGA also plays an important role in promoting best practice in the industry. It works closely with government bodies, trade associations, and other stakeholders to develop standards and guidelines for Cavity wall insulation. It also provides training and support for installers to help them maintain high standards of workmanship.

At Eco-Home Network, we believe that organizations like CIGA are essential for promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. By ensuring that Cavity wall insulation installations are carried out to a high standard, CIGA is helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while also improving the comfort and wellbeing of homeowners. We encourage all homeowners to choose approved installers who are backed by CIGA guarantees to ensure the best possible outcome for their home and the environment.

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