Clever tricks to cool your house

We love the heat of the summer, but it can be hard when you can’t keep cool at home. The good news is, with a few simple know-how tips, it is possible to stay comfortable, without fitting air con.

Here are a few of our best tips to help you beat the heat inside your home.

1 Start by cooling yourself
Wear loosened, lightweight and natural fibre clothing when you need a rest from the heat, if it’s stuffy inside, consider a dehumidifier. It’ll pull the moisture out of the air and let your skin breathe properly.

2 Do you live in a barn?
Closing doors to unused rooms during the day will direct your cooling efforts where they’re needed. Likewise, opening your doors in the evening will allow the airflow around and stop your home feeling stuffy.

3DIY Air Conditioner
If you have a fan, put a deep dish of ice in front of it, this will whip up the water mist and chill the breeze, also you could point your fan out of an open window in the evenings, to push the hot air out instead of just blowing it around the room.

4 Insulate your walls
It probably sounds daft but insulating your walls will help you keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer by creating a barrier to restrict the heat on a hot summer day. If you choose Cavity or Internal insulation you can join this up with a free boiler under the ECO3 scheme and have both installed for free*

5Put your curtains and windows to work
Attractive as it might be to open all the windows during hot weather, leaving them closed when the day is at his hottest will help to keep temperatures down. If possible only let the air in early, or late, using light coloured blinds or curtains offer the best heat-blocking potential.

6Keep a cool head
Most of the heat comes from above, by protecting the top of your house with loft insulation you will prevent heat a lot of heat from entering. This is possible because the insulation is a thermal barrier, which helps keep your home a lot cooler and more comfortable during the summer months. reducing the indoor temperature by an average of 10 degrees. If you choose loft insulation you can join this up with a free boiler under the ECO3 scheme and have both installed for free*