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Reasons you will not qualify for underfloor insulation funding

Underfloor installation is excellent for home energy efficiency, but the number of people rejected for funding has never been higher.

The criteria for funding, set by Ofgem and BEIS, has repeatedly changed to favour those with larger properties at the expense of smaller ones.

Reasons you will be ineligible for underfloor insulation.

  1. Your home has a solid floor, ie. concrete.
  2. Your home has a cellar with a radiator, classing it as a habitable room.
  3. Your cellar does not have space for ventilation to create cross-flow ventilation.
  4. The suspended floor has a gap but doesn't have the space to create cross-flow ventilation.  
  5. Your living room meets the criteria, but your kitchen area is solid; therefore, you do not meet the minimum suspended floor area of 67%.
  6. Your floor is suspended but has laminate flooring, with no access to get underneath, and the installers will have to lift the laminate flooring, permanently damaging it.

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