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Carers Allowance Grants

Caring can be fulfilling but it can also be exhausting and stressful, and being a carer it can significantly affect your finances. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a carer, Carer’s Allowance could help you.

There are over 7.3m Carers in the UK, Only 1 in 10 carers recognise their caring role, they spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone older, disabled or seriously ill.
If you’re a carer or think you might know someone who is, a little help may be here with ECO energy efficiency grants.

ECO is a Government initiative to reduce carbon emissions from the homes of Carers receiving Carer's Allowance. Helping them to massively cuts their heating costs.

Call the Carer's Allowance Unit on 0800 731 0297 (textphone: 0800 731 0317) or visit GOV.UK to download a claim form or make a claim online

If you already receive carers allowance and would like to know what energy efficiency grants you can receive, use our online eligibility form or contact a friendly member of staff on 0333 577 5852

Who can get carers allowance?

If you spend at least 35 hours a week caring for someone older, disabled or seriously ill you could qualify for Carers allowance.

Would I qualify for ECO grants if I get carers allowance?

Yes, carers allowance is one of the qualifying benefits of ECO scheme.

If I qualify for a new boiler with carers allowance, is it means tested?

No, just being in receipt of carers allowance would be sufficient to qualify.

Carer's Allowance advice from Turn2Us


You don’t have to be related to, or live with, the person you care for to get Carer’s Allowance. You can qualify for Carer’s Allowance whether you are in or out of work, but you must not earn more than £123 a week. Carer’s Allowance does not depend on national insurance contributions and is not means-tested – in other words not based on your income or savings – but earnings may affect your entitlement.

For more information about carers allowance, please visit Turn2us website

Carer’s Allowance usually counts in full as income when calculating your entitlement for means-tested benefits. If you get Carer’s Allowance (or are entitled to it but do not get it because of Overlapping Benefit Rules) you will also get a Carer’s Premium/ Additional amount included in your means-tested benefit ( Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance, Pension Credit and Housing Benefit).

Before you claim Carer's Allowance, you should check with the person you are caring for, as it may affect some of the benefits they receive if you are successful.

3 Simple Steps

Use our simple online eligibility checker or call us on 0333 577 5852 and one of our friendly advisors will go through a straightforward evaluation process and advise you if you qualify for any ECO3 funding.
Once you've meet the criteria, we will arrange a free, no obligation home assessment survey, they will recommend the best eco measures to reduce your homes energy usage.
The installation of your free energy efficiency measures will be carried out by our experienced heating engineers, on a date to suit you.
Fully certified gas safe heating engineers perform all our boiler installations.

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Use our simple online form to find out if you qualify for government-backed ECO3 grants. 

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