Replacement Boiler Grants

Boiler Grants for Falkirk and Stirling: A Path to Energy Efficiency

Are you a resident of Falkirk or Stirling facing high energy bills? Eco-Home Network, a family-run business with over a decade's experience in the Energy Efficiency Industry, is here to help. The ECO 4 Boiler Grants, a government scheme aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in homes, could be the solution to achieving a warmer, more eco-friendly home without the financial burden.

ECO 4 Boiler Grants Scheme

The ECO 4 Boiler Grants scheme offers eligible homeowners the opportunity to replace inefficient boilers at no cost. By upgrading to more efficient boilers, you can enjoy lower energy bills, reduced carbon emissions, and a more comfortable living environment.


To be eligible for the ECO 4 Boiler Grants scheme, you must be a homeowner with a broken or inefficient boiler and receive at least one benefit such as Income Support or Housing Benefit. This scheme is primarily designed to assist those in need.

Upgraded Boilers

Boilers installed under the ECO 4 scheme are efficient condensing types equipped with timers, room thermostats, and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on all radiators. These features ensure maximum efficiency and control, leading to further energy savings.

Hydraulic Balancing

Hydraulic balancing is a mandatory post-installation process to ensure optimum central heating system functioning. This process not only improves energy efficiency but also reduces carbon emissions.

Upgrade Options

Even if your current heating system is inefficient, such as a non-condensing boiler, you can still benefit from the ECO 4 scheme by upgrading to a more efficient system. With our years of experience, Eco-Home Network can guide you through this process.

Eco-Home Network and ECO 4 Grants

At Eco-Home Network, we work closely with households in Falkirk and Stirling to help them claim ECO 4 grants. Depending on your current circumstances, property type, and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, your family may be eligible for an ECO 4 grant.

Benefits of the ECO 4 Boiler Grants Scheme

The ECO 4 Boiler Grants scheme brings multiple benefits to qualifying households. These include:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Improved living conditions
  • Reduced carbon emissions

These benefits contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the government providing free boilers in Falkirk?

The government provides free boilers under the ECO 4 scheme, but not for everyone. The scheme is restricted to existing non-condensing boilers and is only available for individuals on Qualifying benefits or LA Flex (Council Grants). Additionally, the property must have an EPC rating of G, F, or E.

What is the new boiler grant for pensioners in Falkirk?

The new boiler grant for pensioners in Falkirk is available for those who receive Pension Credit guarantee credit, Pension Credit savings credit, or meet the Flex criteria. The property should have an EPC rating of G, F, or E and have a non-condensing boiler.

What is the duration for obtaining a boiler grant in Falkirk?

In Falkirk, the typical duration for obtaining a boiler

Do you want to make your home more energy-efficient and save money on your energy bills?

You may be eligible for an ECO 4 Energy Efficiency Grant. The grants can help you cover the cost of various energy efficiency improvements.

Regulated Ofgem and all work carried out through Trustmark installers to guarantee the highest quality.  

To determine eligibility, simply complete our eligibility form.

It only takes a few minutes, and it could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.