Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

Cavity wall insulation Grants for Falkirk

Improving your home's energy efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint is made achievable with Cavity wall insulation grants. Under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Scheme, households in Falkirk may qualify for free Cavity wall insulation if they meet specific criteria.

Criteria for Eligibility

Meet these requirements and secure an ECO 4 grant via Eco-Home Network.

Understanding Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is an effective method to enhance your home's energy efficiency. It reduces heat loss by filling the gap between your property's inner and outer walls, which results in your home retaining warmth for longer. Consequently, this reduces your need for constant heating and decreases energy bills. Cavity wall insulation can reduce heat loss by as much as 35%, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

The Benefits of Cavity wall insulation

  • Significant reduction in heat loss
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Application Process

To apply for the grant, contact Eco-Home Network and provide information about your property type and current circumstances, including your EPC rating. If you meet the Eligibility criteria, you could enjoy the benefits of a more energy-efficient home with free Cavity wall insulation.


Cavity wall insulation grants present an excellent opportunity to enhance your home's energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Falkirk residents meeting the ECO 4 scheme's Eligibility criteria could secure free Cavity wall insulation through Eco-Home Network. Don't hesitate to contact them today and begin the journey towards a more comfortable and cost-effective home.

To be eligible for Govt Eco4 Grants, families in Falkirk need to receive one of the following:
Employment and Support Allowance Jobseekers Allowance Universal Credit Income Support Child Benefits Housing Benefit Child Tax Credits Working Tax Credits Pension Credits

Are there any grants available for Cavity wall insulation in Falkirk?

Yes, there are Cavity wall insulation grants available in Falkirk. However, to be eligible, the applicant must be on Qualifying benefits or part of the LA Flex scheme, and the property must have an EPC rating of G, F, or E. If you meet these criteria, the grant may cover the cavity wall insulation cost. Feel free to contact us for more information or assistance.

What is the best insulation for Cavity walls in Falkirk?

Insulation professionals often recommend EPS polystyrene beads for cavity wall insulation in Falkirk. However, the property must meet specific Eligibility criteria, such as having an EPC rating of G, F, or E and being on Qualifying benefits or part of the LA Flex scheme. If these criteria are met, EPS polystyrene beads would be an excellent choice.

Apply for Cavity Wall Grants today

The installation costs for cavity wall insulation may differ based on the size of your property. However, regardless of whether you live in a spacious detached house or a compact apartment, you can expect to make significant savings within five years or less, thanks to the annual savings on your energy bills.