Boiler Replacement Installation Grants in Wigan

Under the Governments ECO Scheme in 2020-21, suitable homeowners in Wigan could have their existing in-efficient boiler replaced entirely free of charge, or massively subsidised. 

If you qualify, we can arrange for a local, approved company to provide you with free boiler installation


The ECO boiler scheme launched in January 2013, to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and afford grants to low-income households, to assist them to improve their energy efficiency.

Also known as the affordable warmth scheme, the scheme provides free boiler and insulation grants to households in Wigan and throughout the North West.


We’ve reached thousands of happy clients, and we aim to support many more with our complimentary, no-obligation service.

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Modern combi boilers work at almost 90% efficiency, only expending 10% yield. Any boiler older than ten years will be nearly 35% less efficient. 

By updating your worn-out boiler to a brand new one, the savings will be meaningful enough to justify the slight disruption on boiler installation day.



Eco boiler grants are accessible through ECO; a Government Scheme created to help low-income households in Wigan acquire home efficiency enhancements to reduce the expense of heating their homes, and to reduce their CO2 footprints.  

If you meet the related criteria, and your current Gas Boiler is at least six years old, you could qualify. 


There are no complex terms and conditions; the amount of funding you receive calculated by the efficiency & size of your home. 

An Eco-Home Network technician will need to carry out a home energy survey (free of charge) after we schedule a suitable time.


Our experts provide first-rate energy-saving information to homeowners in Wigan. 

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