First Time Central Heating Grants

First-Time Central Heating in Norwich

The ECO scheme is your golden ticket to a warmer, more energy-efficient home without breaking the bank. If you're a homeowner or tenant in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, or other Norfolk towns, you could be eligible for a fully-funded first-time gas central heating system.

Eligibility Requirements: Who Stands to Gain?

Fundamental Criteria

  • No existing central heating or a basic system with a single radiator and no boiler.
  • At least one household member must receive one or more qualifying state benefits, such as Child Benefits or Universal Credit.
  • Ownership of the property is essential, or tenants must have landlord consent.

Supplementary Conditions

  • Your current boiler should be at least five years old.
  • A gas supply must be available at the property.
  • The household should be receiving a combination of government benefits.

ECO Flex Rules: Expanding the Scope

If you don't meet the standard criteria, don't worry. The ECO Flex rules offer a wider Eligibility range. To determine your eligibility, complete our eligibility form or call us at 0333 577 5852.

Affordable Warmth Scheme: Paving the Way for a Greener Tomorrow

The Affordable Warmth Scheme is vital to the ECO initiative, providing central heating grants to eligible households. By switching from off-gas heating to gas central heating, you're contributing to the UK's ambitious net-zero carbon emissions target for 2050.

ECO 4 Grants: Customised for Norwich Residents

The Eco-Home Network is committed to helping homeowners in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, and other Norfolk towns secure ECO 4 grants. You could be eligible for this grant Depending on your circumstances, property type, and EPC rating.

Special Conditions for ECO 4 Grants

  • You must claim a qualifying benefit, have a low income, or suffer from a cold-related illness.
  • A gas meter must have been installed before March 2022, and the property should have only one radiator.
  • The grant is available exclusively for properties with an EPC rating of G, F, or E.

FAQs: Your Queries Addressed

Are Central Heating Grants in Norwich Genuine?

Central heating grants in Norwich are authentic and legitimate. However, they are subject to specific eligibility criteria, which means not everyone can receive them.

What Grants are Available for Pensioners in Norwich?

Pensioners may qualify if they meet specific criteria such as low income or eligibility for certain benefits. The property must also meet the same conditions as mentioned above.

What's the Cost of First-Time Central Heating Installation in Norwich?

The cost typically ranges between £3,500 and £5,500. However, eligible individuals may receive assistance with this cost through the ECO scheme.

Is There a Grant for New Radiators in Norwich?

Yes, a grant is available for new radiators under specific conditions, including the property's EPC rating and the presence of a gas meter installed before March 2022.

Why You Should Act Now

If you're a Norwich resident, this is your chance to upgrade to an efficient heating system without spending a penny. Apply today and start reaping the benefits of a free central heating system. Even if you're unsure about your eligibility, we strongly recommend completing our eligibility form. The rules are ever-changing, and you might fit the bill under new guidelines.

Additional Opportunities: ECO 4 Energy Efficiency Grants

Interested in boosting your home's energy efficiency? You could be eligible for an ECO 4 Energy Efficiency Grant. These grants can cover various energy-saving improvements, all performed by Trustmark installers and regulated by Ofgem. To determine your eligibility, complete our eligibility form. It's a quick process that could save you a substantial amount.

Take Action Today

Don't let this unparalleled opportunity pass you by. Complete our eligibility form today or call us at 0333 577 5852 to discover how you can benefit from the ECO Scheme. Your future self will be grateful.

Do you want to make your home more energy-efficient and save money on your energy bills?

You may be eligible for an ECO 4 Energy Efficiency Grant. The grants can help you cover the cost of various energy efficiency improvements.

Regulated Ofgem and all work carried out through Trustmark installers to guarantee the highest quality.  

To determine eligibility, simply complete our eligibility form.

It only takes a few minutes, and it could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.