Loft Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation Grants in Middlesbrough

Loft insulation is more than just an energy-saving measure; it's an investment in the comfort and well-being of your home. An energy-efficient home can make all the difference, especially in the beautiful town of Middlesbrough, where the weather can be unpredictable.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme - A Helping Hand

Who Can Benefit?

The ECO scheme is designed to assist those who need it most. If you're living in Middlesbrough and believe you might not qualify, we strongly encourage you to explore this opportunity.

Eligibility criteria include:

How Does It Work?

The ECO scheme pays for all the energy efficiency measures for those who qualify. Loft insulation is one of these measures, and here's how it can transform your home:

  • Energy Savings: Save up to £590 per year on heating bills.
  • Comfort Enhancement: Experience a warmer home in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Environmental Impact: Contribute to the country's CO2 reduction targets.
  • Home Value: Increase the value of your property.

Don't Hesitate – You Might Be Eligible!

The rules of Ofgem constantly change, and your circumstances might make you eligible even if you think otherwise.

Here's what you can do:

  • Complete our eligibility form: It's a simple process, and our team at Eco-Home Network will guide you through it.
  • Call us at 0333 577 5852: Speak to a team member directly for personal assistance.

Apply for Loft Insulation Grants today

Loft insulation offers significant energy bill savings, it is easily installed, and it will keep heat in your home. By Insulating your loft you can reduce heat loss and save a fortune over its 40-year lifetime.