Solar panel (PV) grants

Solar Panel Grants for Stockton-on-Tees

Stockton-on-Tees residents, the opportunity to transition into a more sustainable and cost-effective lifestyle is at your doorstep.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme provides a viable way to invest in your home’s energy efficiency by installing Solar Panels (PV). 

An Introduction to the ECO scheme

The ECO scheme is designed to encourage UK households to adopt energy-efficient practices. It specifically targets homeowners and renters with low income or health conditions worsened by cold temperatures. Fully funded energy efficiency measures, such as Solar Panel (PV) installations, are available to those who meet the Eligibility criteria.

Key Advantages

  • Lower Energy Costs: Installing solar panels can substantially decrease monthly electricity bills.
  • Climate Impact: Utilising solar energy significantly reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Secure Your Investment: A 25-year manufacturer warranty on solar panels safeguards your investment for the long term.

Determining Eligibility: What You Need to Know

To be eligible for a Solar Panel (PV) grant under the ECO scheme, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • Ownership Status: You should privately own or rent your property for energy-related upgrades.
  • Energy Performance Certificate: A rating of G, F, or E is mandatory on your EPC.
  • Income or Health Conditions: Low income or a health condition adversely affected by cold is necessary.
  • Pre-existing Heating Systems: Your home should already have a heat pump, high heat retention electric storage heaters, or an electric heating system.

Why Filling Out Our Eligibility Form is Imperative

Contrary to your assumptions, you might be eligible for the ECO scheme, as regulations and eligibility standards are often updated. Here’s why completing our eligibility form should be your next move:

  • Adaptive Regulations: Ofgem frequently modifies guidelines, sometimes making more residents eligible for the grants.
  • Non-binding Inquiry: The form is free to complete and does not commit you to any actions.
  • Expert Consultation: Our professionals can guide you through your next steps should you qualify.

Your Next Steps: Secure a Greener Future in Stockton-on-Tees

Residents of Stockton-on-Tees, don’t miss out on the chance to make a monumental difference to your household and the environment. Whether you decide to apply online or require a one-on-one conversation, the following options are at your disposal:

  • Online Method: Navigate to our eligibility form and submit your details for an initial assessment.
  • Telephone Assistance: Call our specialised team at 0333 577 5852 for direct consultation and advice on your options.

Take control of your energy efficiency journey today. The ECO Scheme offers an invaluable opportunity to contribute towards a sustainable Stockton-on-Tees and a greener UK. Act now and join the wave of change.

Do you want to make your home more energy-efficient and save money on your energy bills?

You may be eligible for an ECO 4 Energy Efficiency Grant. The grants can help you cover the cost of various energy efficiency improvements.

Regulated Ofgem and all work carried out through Trustmark installers to guarantee the highest quality.  

To determine eligibility, simply complete our eligibility form.

It only takes a few minutes, and it could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.