Solid Wall Insulation Grants

Solid Wall Insulation Grants in Derby

Making Homes Warmer with Eco-Home Network

Want to make your home warmer and save money on bills? You’re in the right place! Here’s a simple guide to help homeowners in Derby understand and get free solid wall insulation.

What’s Solid Wall Insulation?

Think of solid wall insulation as a warm blanket for your home. Homes built before the 1920s often have walls that let out much heat. Adding insulation can keep the warmth inside, making homes cosier and cutting down on heating costs.

Why Get Solid Wall Insulation?

  • Stay Warm: No one likes feeling chilly at home. Insulation helps keep the warmth inside.
  • Save Money: Warm homes mean less heating, saving homeowners up to £270 every year on energy bills!
  • Protect Your Home: Besides keeping you warm, insulation can protect your home from dampness and noise.

How Can I Get It For Free?

Thanks to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, homeowners in Derby might not have to pay a penny! This scheme is all about helping households save energy and money. And the good news? Eco-Home Network can help you get this insulation for free if you qualify.

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basics to see if you might qualify:

  1. Check Your Home’s Rating: Your home needs an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of G, F, or E.
  2. Benefits: You might be eligible if someone in the household receives certain benefits.
  3. LA Flex: Some households can also qualify through LA Flex.

But don’t worry too much about the details. Eco-Home Network can help you figure out if you qualify.

What’s Eco-Home Network?

We’re a friendly group that helps homeowners in Derby get their homes insulated. Our team works with top professionals to make sure everything’s done perfectly. Plus, all our insulation work comes with a 25-year guarantee. That means you can be sure your home will stay warm for a long time!

Questions People Often Ask

  • Can I get a government grant for wall insulation in Derby?
    Yes, if you’re on certain benefits and your home has the right EPC rating.

  • How do you insulate old brick walls in Derby?
    We check if you’re on the right benefits and your home’s EPC rating. Then, we ensure to improve your home’s energy score with insulation.

  • What’s the best-priced insulation for walls in Derby?
    Acrylic render is a good choice. But remember, it’s for homes with certain EPC ratings and those on benefits.

  • Which is better: insulating walls from the outside or inside?
    Both ways can make your home warm. Insulating from the outside often keeps homes warmer. But every home is unique, depending on your home and needs.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Want a warmer home and save money? Solid wall insulation can help! And with the ECO scheme, you might get it all for free. If you’re in Derby and want to know more, Eco-Home Network is here to guide you every step of the way. Give us a ring, and let’s make your home cosier together!

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If your British home was built before the 1920s, it likely has solid walls instead of cavity walls. Insulating solid walls can significantly reduce heat loss, save money on heating bills, and lower your carbon footprint. Look for an alternating brick pattern outside the house to identify solid walls. Solid wall insulation may be more expensive than cavity wall insulation, but the savings on heating bills are more significant.