ECO3 Funding for Greater Manchester

Receive a new boiler within 7 days of your home assessment.

ECO3 Boiler Replacement Grants

Under the Governments ECO3 scheme, homeowners in Greater Manchester can claim for a free boiler grant if their current boiler is in-efficient, faulty and at least 6 years old.

The type and number of bedrooms your property has will be taken into consideration, for example, a detached house with 4 bedrooms will receive more funding than a mid-terrace house with 2 bedrooms.

Also, you must be on a mains gas, oil or LPG to qualify for a free boiler ECO3 grant.

Only homeowners can apply for boiler replacement funding.

Private renters can apply for all other measures.

Get Free Heating Controls

With all free boiler installations, you will also be given a new heating controls system which will allow you to time, program and change its functions so that it's only used when you actually need it.

Underfloor Insulation (UFI)

Insulating under floorboards on the ground floor will save you about £60 a year, older homes in Greater Manchester are more likely to have suspended timber floors.

Timber floors can be insulated by lifting the floorboards and laying mineral wool insulation supported by netting between the joists.

You don't need to insulate the floors of upstairs rooms in your house if they're above heated spaces, like your living room.

You should consider insulating any floors that are above unheated spaces, as you could be losing a lot of heat through those.

Loft insulation

Homeowners in Greater Manchester can help make their home 25% warmer by Insulating their Roof or loft, making it feel warmer and saving you money on your energy bills year on year.

Even if you have been turned down in the past for ECO grants, the rules for grant funding have changed significantly in 2018, with ECO3 you may now qualify.


Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

We're offering free cavity wall for all homeowners in Greater Manchester who are eligible as part of ECO3 Scheme to reduce carbon emissions.

Homes regardless of size or age can benefit from cavity wall insulation.

Our work is covered by an Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency 25 years.


Internal Wall Insulation

Internal wall insulation can dramatically reduce the amount of warmth that escapes from a property thereby reducing energy bills and creating a warmer home.

Solid walls can be insulated from the inside. Typically this will cost more than insulating a standard cavity wall, but the savings on your heating bills will be bigger too.