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Includes:25 YEAR CIGA Guarantee ROT PROOF closed-cell BEADING

We provide eco funding for cavity wall insulation as part of the UK Government's Energy Companies Obligation (ECO4) Scheme to reduce carbon emissions.

Regardless of size or age, homes in the UK can benefit from cavity wall insulation.

Our surveyor will inspect your interior cavity and determine if your walls are suitable and if the best insulation techniques are better suited to your home.

If your property is suitable for wall insulation, we will insulate them using thermal beading insulation, as thermal beading provides excellent insulation performance without the damp issues caused by wool insulation.

Our installer will create tiny drill holes in the brick mortar joints, and thermal beading is injected into cavity walls using an adhesive-based bonding agent.
The beading is closed-cell expanded polystyrene that does not absorb water and will remain active for the lifespan of the building.

We will then reseal the drill holes with mortar to match the original look of the property.

Once we have insulated your cavity walls, you will notice your house is cheaper to run and easier to keep warm.

It is good to maintain your home regularly; make sure that your roof and walls don't leak and your gutters are working correctly; this is important for all properties, especially if you've just had your cavity walls insulated.

All our specialist installers are all members of CIGA (the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency), and all insulations come with an insurance-backed 25-year guarantee.


3 Simple Steps

Use our simple online eligibility checker or call us on 0333 577 5852 and one of our friendly advisors will go through a straightforward evaluation process and advise you if you qualify for any ECO4 funding.
Once you've meet the criteria, we will arrange a free, no obligation home assessment survey, they will recommend the best eco measures to reduce your homes energy usage.
The installation of your free energy efficiency measures will be carried out by our experienced heating engineers, on a date to suit you.
Fully certified gas safe heating engineers perform all our boiler installations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is cavity wall insulation messy to install?

Cavity wall insulation is a straight forward and clean process. We can install cavity wall insulation within half a day.
Our engineers drill 2cm holes in your outer wall, then inject your wall with thermal bead cavity wall insulation. Once the cavity is full, the drill holes filled, matching the existing wall.

The install process is simple, comprising three steps:
1. Drill entry holes into the cavity from either the internal or external wall
2. Full fill the cavity using thermal beading and the bonding agent.
3. Seal any drill holes, leaving no waste at your property. 

Check your eligibility

Use our simple online form to find out if you qualify for government-backed ECO4 grants. 

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